About Us

Waqar Ali

Waqar Ali“Traveling through Slovakia and Hungary, i observed the Roma people. They looked very much like my fellow country-men.  Turns out, they are, they moved from northern parts of what is now India and Pakistan. But they migrated 1500 years ago!  Before there was a concept of nation.”

Waqar developed the face morphing technology and software for the kiosk.  He is very excited about application of technology to promote racial diversity.  He was born in Dubai and grew up in Pakistan, Turkey and Abu Dhabi. He is fluent in Spanish and Urdu.

Scott Wolfman

Scott Wolfman“I am very passionate about traveling and ethnic food. I feel fortunate that I have sampled food from Iraq, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Peru, Malaysia, Serbia, Cambodia, India and Nepal (to name a few) and all the food is delicious and amazing. I am hoping that in my lifetime, I will be fortunate enough to travel more and get to know the people from these faraway and amazing places, as I now know and appreciate their cuisine. Planet earth’s rich, varied culture is its finest asset. I am forever amazed and dismayed that artificial barriers like race and racism diminish the experience of being fully human for so many of us.”

Scott manages all aspects of sales and outreach. His passion for promoting racial diversity goes back to more than 15 years. As a serial entrepreneur, Scott saw the potential of using technology to promote racial diversity and invested a lot of his time and energy to make it a reality.

Diane Thompson

Diane Thompson“I am fascinated by the uniqueness of individuals who make up humanity. It is the measure of the person that I most value – not the color of their skin. Travelling is my window on the world. I like to go places that are different from where I live and grew up. I enjoy seeing how others, live, work, and eat (of course).”

Diane is the chief master-mind behind the Kiosk operation… Diane manages logistics, customer support and is the primary reason we get so many smiles from our satisfied customers and users.

Kim Swanson

Kim Swanson“Putting ourselves into other people’s shoes is the best way to develop a deeper understanding of the differences between people. For me, spending 3 years in Senegal as a Peace Corps Volunteer helped me to fully understand what it is like to look different from everyone else in the community where you live. I spent a lot of time challenging people’s assumptions about me and challenging my own assumptions about them. Now I spent my days teaching beginning educators to be more understanding of the different cultures of their students.”

Kim leads the content and educational aspects of the Race Experience Kiosks. She draws heavily from her experience as an educator with culturally relevant pedagogy. She is originally from Youngstown, OH. She spent 3 years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal before moving to New York City to teach English as a Second Language at a public high school in the Bronx. She currently works with beginning educators the Assistant Director for Teacher Development and Support at Teachers College – Columbia University.