Our Customers

Rohry Flood
Rohry Flood Director of Student Life | Chesapeake College
It has gone well. The supplemental resources have made a huge difference, [Students] really get into the quiz. These types of events work well for us since we are a commuter campus.
Jackie Ashbaugh
Jackie Ashbaugh Coordinator of Student Activities | Assistant Lecturer | The University of Akron Wayne College
…it was awesome. Everyone really enjoyed it. There were a lot of “Wows, ahhhh, etc.” Thanks again
Joel A. Drury
Joel A. Drury VP, Student Services & Institutional Advancement | Redlands Community College
The Kiosk was a big hit … Everyone also seemed to really like the fact that they could share the photos.

We have really tried to hone in on the theme that race is a social concept, not a genetic one. I know several of the classes had students write a short paper or hold discussions on what they learned as a result; what was the overall outcome. Logistically, you guys get an “A” there too. It’s an easy thing to pull off from our end and from that standpoint. I’m glad we were able to carve out time and funding for it.

Working with you guys over the past several years has been a piece of cake. It’s simple: A big truck delivers a WAY COOL machine to us; we unload it; plug it in; students (and others) sit down and follow a set of very simple instructions; are wowed by the results; learn something neat about themselves and others; and everybody wins. Isn’t it supposed to be like that?

Mark D. Yancy
Mark D. Yancy Academic Advisor | First and Second Year Enhancement Program | Marygrove College
It worked great!, created a lot of great conversation. Students had some great suggestions about it as well.
Emily Baldwin
Emily Baldwin Student Activities Coordinator | Rowan-Cabarrus Community College
It’s working beautifully! It’s really cool.                               .