Race Experience Kiosk

The Race Experience Kiosk helps you to consider race, racism and identity in a new light.

Over 300 colleges, universities, corporations and government agencies in the US and Canada have used race morphing as part of their diversity and inclusion programming.


Learning Outcomes

Kiosk experience is designed to facilitate a healthy dialogue on race and support two key learning outcomes:


1- Users of the race kiosk will be able to reflect on the factors in our society that perpetuate racism and discrimination

2- Users of the race kiosk will be able to consider the value of diversity in our society


Frequently Asked Questions about the booking a Race Experience Kiosk

Who do I contact about booking a Kiosk?

Fill out the contact form on the website, write to [email protected] or call (203) 262-8620.  One of our experienced representatives will be happy to discuss the kiosk with you.

Do we receive anything else when we book the kiosk?

Everyone booking The Race Experience receives online posters you can print, and handouts to reproduce and distribute, including “10 Things Everyone Should Know About Race” and “The Race Literacy Quiz.”

How long can we use the kiosk?

The Race Experience leases for a period of 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 full month.  Please inquire about pricing.   The lease prices include roundtrip shipping.  We take care of all shipping and logistics details and make sure you have ample room  — a day or two on either end of your lease period – so you can comfortably receive, setup, and return the kiosk without hassle and stress.

Is the kiosk insured?

We are fully insured against any damages in transit or on-site, although we ask that you protect the kiosk against any vandalism or abuse.

What information do I need to give in order to book the Kiosk?

We will need the dates that you would like the Kiosk at your location, where it will be delivered and where it will be located when in use.  We can hold the Kiosk for you while you get the details together.  Once all the information has been received we will send a contract.  When we send a contract we assume that all approvals have occurred and funding is in place. We will not book the Kiosk to another organization once your contract has been sent out.



Is it easy to set up?

The kiosk is simple to set up. Detailed instructions are included. Total setup time is less than 15 minutes.

How does it arrive?

The kiosk arrives in a custom-made case via tractor trailor and it is best if you receive on a loading dock – but not necessary.  The case is set on wheels and weighs about 700 lbs (including the kiosk). The dimensions of the case are 78 inches high, 57 inches deep, and 47 inches wide.

The kiosk by itself is approximately 52 inches high, 30 inches deep and 41 inches wide and also on wheels.  It will fit through a standard size door.

Where should the Kiosk be placed for best results?

Find a location that gets lots of traffic – where individuals may linger for a while. There should not be bright light behind the chair and overhead lighting should be diffuse. Atriums and very sunny areas will not allow the photographs to be of the best quality.


We offer troubleshooting and remote tech support should you need it.