Unique & Captivating Experience

The Race Experience Kiosk offers a truly unique diversity event.  You can see yourself in a different skin; change your race to Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Indian.  You can then share your favorite pictures via email.

This is a museum quality exhibit.  The Kiosk’s  software provides a personal, one-of-a-kind race morphing experience.  The kiosk creates an environment that encourages discussions about race and our deep-rooted beliefs, misconceptions and biases.

Touch Screen Display and Intuitive Software

The Race Experience kiosks uses a very powerful face detection and morphing algorithm custom designed for race morphing applications.  Users can take a picture of themselves from the integrated high-definition camera and the software is able to detect various features on their faces, i.e., eyebrows, nose, lips, etc.  This information is used to create a realistic skin morphing as well as facial structure modification that strikes the right balance between the users own face and the new one created on the screen.

The kiosk is available for one week, two weeks or a full month.  Please contact us for more information.